Scrap Platinum The platinum has more value than gold so if you donít have the platinum jewelry then you can save the scrap platinum items as the metal is very rare in the earth. You can find the scrap platinum in the catalytic converters used in the cars as they are worth about two hundred dollars. If you come across the thermocouple wire used in plumbing then the silver color wire is made up of the platinum metal. So you can save it rather than throwing it in the bin. The platinum metal has the high melting point so they are used in the heating equipments. So after collecting the scrap platinum you can look for the reliable buyer you can check the platinum selling company in the Better Business Bureau listing and the value of the metal depends on the purity and the weight. Some of the most commonly used platinum jewelry are the platinum watches, rings and platinum pendant. The value of the platinum coins differs depending on the weight of the metal. If the coin has higher quantity then the value will be less and vice versa. If the coin is an antique then it will be more expensive.